A more gentle form of microblading…

Our microblading technique is gentle, and not permanent, so your brows can evolve with your style! Microblading is a long-lasting (up to 12 months) solution to enhance your natural brow shape. Using a very fine & precise blade, minuscule incisions (strokes) are made in the epidermis and filled with a custom pigment to create the appearance of additional brow hairs. This service helps fill in sparse areas & add structure to your existing shape. Unlike traditional permanent makeup, we don’t use a machine. Our microblading service is best suited to those wanting to add definition and fullness to their existing eyebrow shape.

Our technique is a 2 appointment process, to ensure the most natural result possible.

Brows- 1st session 650
- consultation
- 1st session

Brows - 2nd session 150 *Referral program- Save 50 on 2nd session for each referral (up to 3) who books a consultation.
- 2nd session (6-8 weeks after 1st session)
- follow up visit with eyebrow threading (6-8 weeks after 2nd session)

Touch Up / Color Boost 300

Recommended 7-9 months after 2nd session, and every 7-9 months thereafter.

Meet Shay

Shay realized her obsession with eyebrows early on in her MUA career. As an expert in threading, tinting, waxing and tweezing, she has been transforming eyebrows for over 15 years. After a few years in NY perfecting eyebrows at innovative companies including L'Oreal, she decided to move back to her midwestern roots. She has been watching the microblading industry improve over the last few years, and is now is confident in offering this service to create perfectly realistic looking eyebrows.

Shay sees microblading as a natural extension of her talents. She is exacting and precise in each application, having studied a specific technique that results in strokes shaped exactly like the surrounding hairs.

Her background in energy work, including Reiki, creates a balanced atmosphere for a smooth procedure. When she's not working, Shay finds peace in her artwork (painting), and in volunteering her MUA and energy work services for those in need.


Does it hurt?

There is very little discomfort in our process due to our specific technique!  It feels like a gentle scratching on the eyebrow area. A topical numbing cream is applied to the area during the procedure and there is little to no down time and no pain in the following days.

Is it a tattoo?

Microblading is not a tattoo and the lines will not 'bleed out' or distort over time. Traditional permanent makeup deposits ink deeper into the dermis of the skin which often changes color. Microblading ink maintains its color, but will fade softly over a period of 1-2 years.

What should I do to prepare?

Grow out your brows as much as possible!

Book a consult to discuss important pre & post care instructions!